Powering  new  dimensions  in  Immersive  Audio  


360 Field Of Sound (FOS) with Hyper-Resolution


Fully immerse yourself in spatial 

audio.  Music, special effects, sounds and dialogue coming at you from all directions, above, below, behind, and in-front

In any place & any space, feel total 360 fascination

Experience new dimensions of immersive XRaudio through 

individualized XRSeatPodz (Lysten Light) or via Customized Speaker 

& Sound Arrays (Lysten Heavy)

Black Box Technology Driving 360SLAM Audio

 Proprietary 6DOF Interpolation done behind-the-scenes, fed seamlessly to hardwired networks distilling Lysten 360º Spatial XRProtocolz

 (360SLAM Audio)

XRSpeakz and XRCanz 

bring total immersion

XRSpeakz propels 360SLAM Audio thru full-immersion 3D speaker arrays.  XRCanz  (w/optional head- tracking technology)  are  spatial headphones designed for our LystenXRSeatPodz.

Open your movie theatres, auditoriums, stadiums, arenas and live venues to the possibilities of 360º spatial sound

Lysten Light
SeatPod & Headphone Systems
Fully immersive 360º Sound via illuminated XRSeatPodz
 driving spatial XRaudio to your headphones
viaport theater seats.jpg
Lysten Heavy
Fully-Integrated Speaker Systems
Fully immersive 360º Sound by way of custom retrofits and spatially-directed Lysten Speaker Arrays

Open your doors to 360º immersive sound, and monetize  unparalleled new experiences and fan engagement 

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